3J’s  “Spijt” –single (s)


Adlicious "Maniac" - single (p)

AM "Be Where You Wanna Be" - single (s, p)

Asher Lane "Inside My Head" - single (s)

Angel "Last Breath" - single (s)

Azuro "Ti Amo" -single (s)

Azuro "Toca Me" -single (s)


Bert Heerink "Falling Down" - album (s)

BramVank "This Time I Rise" - single (s)


Cascada "Evacuate The Dance Floor" album (s)

Cascada album "Back To The Dance Floor" album (s)

Cascada album "Perfect Dayr" (s)

Cascada "Dangerous" - single (s)

Cascada "Draw The Line" - single (s)

Cascada "Glorious" - single (s)
(Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö, representing Germany)

Cascada "I Will Believe It" - single (s)

Cascada "Night Nurse" - single (s)

Cascada "Original Me" - single (s)

Cascada "San Francisco" - single (s)

Cascada "Summer Of Love" - single (s)

Cascada "What Do You Want From me" - single (s)

Cascada feat. Drake & Wale "What Do You Want From me" - single (s)

Cascada "Dream on Dreamer" - single (s)

Cascada "Run" - single (s)


Ch!pz "Arabian Nights" - single (s)

Coast19 "Long Lost Friend" - single (s,p)

Coca Cola sync “It Makes Perfect Sense” (s,p)

Crush5 "Afterparty" - single (s)


Dan Winter "Party Like The First Time" - single (s, p)

Dave Darell "I Just Wanna Live" - single (s, p)

Dean Delannoit "My Desire" - single (s)

Dean Delannoit "She Walks On Water" - album (s)

Dean Delannoit "Hologram" - album (s)

Dean Delannoit "We Don't Belong" - single (s, p)

Dean Delannoit "You" - single (s, p)

Deetox tba

Dewi "Dead-end Love" (s)

Di-rect "a Good Thing" - single (s, p)

Di-rect "Bring Down Tomorrow" - single (s, p)
Movie score "Moord Wijven"

Di-rect "I Just Can't Stand" - single (s, p)

Di-rect "Inside My Head" - single (s)
#1 - Edison (Dutch grammy) Awarded song

Di-rect "Johnny" - single (s, p)

Di-rect "Cool Without You" - single (s)

Di-rect "Di-rect" - album (s, p)

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Ummet Ozcan "Silence" -
(s, p)

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Fedde Le Grand  
feat. Julian Paretta "Tales Of Tomorrow" - (s)


Do "Love Is Killing Me - single (s, p)

Djumbo "I Do I Do" (s)


Elize "Lovesick" - single (s)

Eller van Buuren “Brand New” (s)

Eller van Buuren “Brand New” (s)
Sync GiraV TV commercial

Eller van Buuren “Traffic Dance” (s)
Eller van Buuren “Rescue Me” (s)


Falco Luneau "No One's Fool" - single (s, p)

Falco Luneau "Rise Above The Night" (s, p)
National Eurovision Song Contest Austria 2013

Falco Luneau feat. Ummet Ozcan "Rise Above The Night"


Falco Luneau "Skintight" - single (s, p)

Falco Luneau I'm Still Pretending" (s, p)

Falco Luneau "The Loner" - single (s, p)

Falco Luneau "Years from Now" - album (s, p)


Gerard Joling "Rio" - single (s, p)
#1 - Dutch soccer Wordcup anthem 2014

Gerse Gozers “Feyenoord Kampioen 2017” (s, p)
Official Champions song

Cover search

Giorgi "Angelo" - album (s)
Giorgi "Per Te" - album (s)
Giorgi "Stare Con Me" - album (s)
Giorgi "Vero Amore" - album (s)


Hardcastle, DJ Maxime "Like I'm 19" - single (s, p)

Hess "Falling Down" - album (s)

Hind "Sure As" - single (p)


Jaap Reesema "Don't Stop Believin'" - single (p)
#1 finale song Dutch Idols

Jadedust "My Man" - single (s, p)
Jadedust "Love Is Killing Me" - single (s, p)

Jike Junyi “Body Poppin’” – ep (s,p)

Jim "You're All I Have" - album (s)


Kate Hall "Mehr" - album (s)
Kate Hall "Ich Fühl Das Leben" - album (s)

Kenn Colt feat. ILang “Sanctify” – single (p, s)

Kenneth- G feat. ILang “We Are One” (s)

King Jack "Can't Get My Head Around You"- single (s, p)

King Jack "Sunrise" - single (s, p)

King Jack "Always Getting Better"- single (s, p)



LA The Voices "Vrij" - album (p)

LA The Voices "Vrij" - single (p)

Laidback Luke feat. Sam Ashworth Hooked Again (s)

Lisa Lois "Hallelujah" - single (a&r)
#1 finale song Dutch Xfactor

Lisa Lois "Smoke" - single / album (a&r)

Lisa Lois "Promises Promises" - single (a&r)

Lutterberger & Klug "Atemlos" - album (s)


Maarten van Praag "Shells and Stones" - single EP (s, p)

Manian "Handsup Forever" - single (s)

Manian "Loco" - single (s)

Manian "Welcome To The Club" - single (s)

Martin Garrix "Burn Out" - single (a&r)

Martin Kesici "Ego trippin'" - single (s)

Maureen "Close Enough" - single (s, p)

Maureen "Get Outta My Head" – single (s, p)

Maureen "Love Pirate" - single (s, p)

Maureen "Sure Thing" - single (s, p)

Maureen "Young Wild & Free" - single  (s, p)

MEM feat Yton “No Turning Back” (Ummet Ozcan edit) (s, p)

Mihiro "Weekend" - (p)

Money-G "Burn This City" - single (s)

Moti feat Katt Naill “Livin’ 4 ya – single (s, p)

Moti feat Yton “Say” – single (s, p)

Moti feat Yton “The Game” Dance mix – single (s)

Moti feat Yton “The Game” – single (s, p)

Moti feat Jguar “Friday On My Mind” – single (s, p)


Natalia Druyts  "All Or Nothing" - single (s, p, a%r)
Movie score "Spion van Oranje"

Natalia Druyts  "Wise Girl" - single (s, p, a&r)

Natalia Druyts  "Wise Girl" - album (s, p, a&r)

Nikki "Bring Me Down"- single (p, a&r)

Nikki "What Did I Do" - single (p, a&r)

Nikki "Naked" - album (p, a&r)
Radio 3 FM talent Awarded

Nikki "Let It Go" album (s, a&r)

Nikki "Perfect Day" - single (s, a&r)

Nikki "Perfect Day" - single (s, a&r)
Sync "Vifit" TV commercial


Ransom - tba

Re-play "Ik Geloof In Jou" - single (s, p)

Richy “L.O.V.E. “- single (s, p)

Rob Mayth "Feel My Love" - single (s)

Romy Monteiro “Stone by Stone” – single (p)

Romy Monteiro “Think About It – single (s,p)

Rooom feat. Fab Morvan [Milli Vanilli] "don't You - single
(s, cp)

RUI feat Sam Ashworth “Million Times” – (s)


Sabrina Starke "This Time Around" - single (s)

Sabrina Starke "Otside the Box" - album (s)
Sabrina Starke "Say Watcha Wanna" (s)

Sakis Rouvas "Tipikes Epafes" (s)

Sam Ashworth “Stories” – single EP (s)

Samantha Lombardi "Save Me" - album (s)

Sandro Silva & Anjulie “Show Me” (s)

Sandy Dane "Peace Love & Ice cream" (s, p)
Campagne theme song "Ben & Jerry's" (Unilever)

Sandy Mölling "I Do" (s)

Sean Mac "Four Leaf Clover" - single (s, p, a&r)

Sean Mac "Fools Game" - single (s, p, a&r)

Siria "I Will Believe It" - single (s)

Sita "Bizar Love Triangle" (p)

Sita "I Draw The Line" (s, p)

Sita "L`envers du décor" (s)

Spencer & Hill "Trespasser" - single (s)

Spencer & Hill "It's a Smash" - single (s)

Sweetbox "Beautiful" (s)

The Sunclub "Boom Boom (Good Time)" - single (s)


Tanja Kreutmayer & Kilian Scheyer “Flashengeist” – (s)


Teddy Cream - tba

Tiësto feat Ummet Ozcan “What You’re Waiting For" - single (s)

Tjindiara “Xmas Flight” (s, p)

Tobias Regner "Cool Without You" - single (s)

Tobias Regner "Hologram" (s)


Tom & Jame feat. Yton - tba


Uberjak’d feat Yton “Fix You Up” (s,p)

Ummet Ozcan feat. Katt Naill “Stars” – single (s,p)

Van Dik Hout "Ik Leef " - album (s, p)

Van Dik Hout "We Gaan Door" - single (s, p)


William Bolton "These Days" (s)


Yanou "25 Lightyears Away" - single (s)

Yanou "Brighter Day" - single (s)

Younha "Peace Love & Ice Cream - #1 single (s)

Yvonne Catterfeld "Kenn Ich Dich" (s)


Zosja "Strangest Feeling" (s)